16 of the World’s Wildest Wind Power Designs

When someone says ‘wind power’ most people probably think of giant high-cost three-bladed wind turbines generating massive amounts of power on a distant hilltop – but harnessing energy from the wind can be much more diverse and exciting in its forms and applications than simple wind¬† turbine farms would lead one to believe. From sleek wind powered vehicles and clever home wind power generators to airborne floating turbines and nano-vent skins, wind power innovation is virtually limitless.

How about a smooth and silent wind turbine that could generate enough power for your entire house just by sitting quietly in the corner of your back yard? Or a land vehicle capable of outracing your conventionally powered car Рall with wind energy?  A way to charge your cellular phone without an outlet just using gusts and breezes? A skyscraper where the floors rotate independently at the whims of the wind? This gallery explores some of the most interesting cutting-edge applications of wind power in contemporary design. Click below to learn more: