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12 Unassuming Predators of the Animal Kingdom

Not all deadly creatures of the animal kingdom advertise the fact that they can do some serious damage. Some are cute and furry, resembling household pets, while others appear deceptively slow and calm or just blend into their surroundings altogether. Whether it’s a predatory instinct or a defense mechanism, these unassuming creatures will lull you […]
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Energy & Fuel Technology & Gadgets Transit & Auto

14 Ingenious Solar Power Designs and Innovations

Solar power is no longer just about slapping photovoltaic eyesores on existing rooftops to harness a bit of extra sun energy. Nowadays, people are finding unique ways to integrate solar energy into architectural, vehicular and even fashion designs from the beginning. Moreover, some innovators have even figured out ways to make structures entirely energy-independent by […]
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15 Deliciously Simple Veggie Thanksgiving Recipes

(source: mionismarion) Today Thanksgiving, also referred to as ‘Turkey Day’ is largely considered a meat-lover’s holiday. After all, a 20-pound turkey sitting in the middle of the dinner table doesn’t exactly welcome vegetarians. Worry not, there are plenty of excellent vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes out there that are so good that you’ll have your meat-eating friends […]
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70 Extremely Exotic Plants, Flowers, Forests & Trees

The world is full of natural wonders, from powerful medicinal to dangerously poisonous plants, stunningly fragrant and attractive to meat-smelling and disgusting and ubiquitous to threatened ones. From ugly-but-life-saving to beautiful-but-killer flowers (and everything in between) here are some of the most exotic and endangered plants, flowers, trees and forests in the world.
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