Easy DIY Makeup Brush Roll

DIY makeup brush roll tutorial

To make this DIY makeup brush roll we utilize a purchased napkin, keeping the effort and sewing to a minimum, since all edges are finished for us! This essential travel accessory is a cinch to whip up to organize your travel makeup needs.  These would make easy, personalized bridesmaids' gifts, too.  Let's make it…


  • 18"x18" Napkin
  • 24" of 3/4" wide grosgrain ribbon
  • Sewing machine

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 2


Step 1: Using your brushes as a guide, flip up a side of the napkin so that your brush handles will be covered

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 3

Step 2: Pin in place on each side and sew up the side, using the existing stitching as a guide.  Sew both sides

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 4

Step 3: Start running a stitch down the folded side of the napkin, creating separate little compartments for each brush.  The distance between each line will depend on your brush sizes.

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 5

TIP***A general width for a powder or blush brush is 1.5".  The eye shadow/contour brushes are a about 3/4"-7/8" wide. 

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 6

Step 4: Fold the top over so your brushes will be covered.  Press the fold.

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 7

Step 5: Find the center of your ribbon

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 8

Step 6: Pin the ribbon on the front of the roll on the opposite side of the newly stitched rows.  Sew it on about an inch from the edge.

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 9

Step 7: Place your brushes in their compartments and roll them up

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 10

Step 8: Tie your ribbon and away you go!

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 11

Enjoy! You can also make compartments for your mascara and eyeliners too!

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 12