31 Pregnancy Essentials for Every Trimester


Pregnancy is a roller coaster. My two pregnancies were very different, even though, both times I was pregnant with a girl. With one baby, I felt nauseous, but never actually needed to run to the toilet bowl. She was also late, like more than a week late. I gained 30 pounds, and held onto most of them for a loooong time. With my second girl, I was nauseous (and vomiting) a few times a day. She was early, and I left the hospital zippered comfortably into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Yeah, not stretchy leggings, friends. Jeans.

So, there go all of those gender-based wives’ tails. And, no matter how many babies you have or how different each pregnancy is, there are a few predictable obstacles you’ll face. Here, I’m sharing a few must-haves that will help you navigate through each trimester. With both of my pregnancies, I found myself starving, hot, cold, nauseous, exhausted, energized, schlumpy, and sometimes, surprisingly chic. Basically, everything could change at a moment’s notice in a way that you’re just not prepared for pre-pregnancy. So, grab a pen (or a Pinterest button), and take note. Here is everything you need to keep your skin moist, your nausea under control, and your nights full of restful slumber. I’ve even included some books to get you through all the time you’ll spend waiting in the OB’s office for all of those appointments.



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