6 Educational Apps for Kids and Families

Educational Apps

Check out these 6 educational apps that aren't just for kids. They're specifically designed to be played together as a fun interactive family activity. If you're looking for educational apps for kids that you'll love to play together, you've come to the right place!

Play & Learn

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Many apps are made for solo participation, but PBS Parents Play & Learn was designed specifically as an activity for both parents and kids to play together. The games and activities included within this app are familiar themes that make it user friendly for both kids and parents alike. Plus, it’s offered in bilingual English/Spanish versions that play off kids' natural curiosity for the world around them with math and literacy skills woven creatively into all the games and activities.

Smash Your Food

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With childhood obesity already at epidemic levels in America, the vast majority of responsibility for teaching kids good nutritional habits needs to begin at home. Smash Your Food teaches your kids to easily recognize the difference between nutritional calories versus empty calories. This app was given the Red Ribbon Award for being one of the Top 10 Apps for Kids and was also a winner in Michelle Obama’s Apps for Healthy Kids Competition.

Sing and Learn with Colors

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Sharing music can be a fun way to get kids engaged in participating. Sing & Learn Colors introduces your kids to colors and words through the use of an animated musical storybook. There’s also a music memory matching game that teaches kids to recognize musical instruments in addition to developing eye-hand coordination.

Math Bingo

Math Bingo
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It’s never too early to begin learning some math basics, and Math Bingo is a fun way to introduce elementary math concepts. It includes 13 fun cartoon friendly avatars that help make learning fun. The idea is to obtain a pattern of five Bingo Bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems. This app offers three different levels of difficulty and five different bingo games that are sure to hold your child’s attention. It was featured in The New York Times and was also ranked as the number one Educational App for three straight weeks!

Word Wagon

Word Wagon
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Starting your kids off with strong foundational reading and writing skills will set them on the right path for a lifetime of learning. Developing a solid background understanding of phonics and spelling is exactly what Word Wagon is all about. Originally designed by three parents who all share a passion for making education feel like playtime for kids, this app won the Parents Choice Gold Award in addition to receiving the Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design from the Children’s Technology Review.

Alpha Tots

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If you’re ready to beginning teaching your toddler the alphabet, AlphaTots is the perfect app to get you started. Your child will have fun learning their alphabet from any one or all of the 26 mini games that are included with this app. There are even some sing-a-long songs that will help your child to memorize the alphabet, in addition to some cool audio-visual cues and over 100 lines of positive reinforcement dialogue that will help inspire your child to keep on learning.

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