You Can Stay Connected Thanks to SYNC


Ford CarIt’s no secret car companies often court the mom crowd, but with available SYNC®, Ford is getting serious about wooing modern tech-savvy parents. Whether you spend a little time in the car or a lot, SYNC turns your vehicle into a techno-marvel that plugs you into everything you need access to while driving—and does it quickly, easily and helps you keep your eyes on the road. Here are a few highlights that help you stay connected while cruisin’…

The Big Hand-Off…

Touch-pad dialing is so last year … for today’s on-the-go moms, the secret lies in voice commands.  With available SYNC, all it takes is a few spoken words and you are in touch with kids, friends or the office. Press a button, use a simple voice command, and SYNC dials any number for you. It even downloads names and numbers from your compatible phone—just use a voice command to locate the person you need or scroll your phone book using a button on the steering wheel. No more fumbling around, speed-dialing at stoplights or pulling over to the curb so you can locate a number.

Hold On A Minute…

SYNC also incorporates more elaborate phone functions such as call hold and three-way calling. Receive incoming calls with the simple push of a button on the steering wheel. Put a call on hold and automatically transfer it back to your handset with no interruption. Or, do a three-way call so you can chat with Kid one and Kid two at different locations. SYNC’s advanced options turn your mobile phone into a virtual command center.

Who’s That Calling?…

To answer or not to answer, that is the question… certain calls are more important than others and we all have some we would rather let go to voicemail. With SYNC’s caller ID, you know who is on the other end. SYNC can recognize specific ring tones for people that you’ve set. That way you know when your child, hubby, school, work or friends are trying to reach you.

Staying connected can be a tricky business, especially for moms who need safe reliable access to their loved ones. SYNC offers a way to keep in touch from behind the wheel. It’s hands-free, easy, and efficient technology, geared toward today’s commuting, car-pooling, computer-savvy parents. Honk twice if you agree!

DISCLAIMER: Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Not all features are compatible with all phones. 

*The post was sponsored by Ford SYNC.

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