Helpful Pet Accessories for Senior Dogs

altIt’s important to stay tuned in to your pet’s changing needs, especially as they begin to age and could use a little extra help doing things that used to be easy for them when they were younger.

Pets are our faithful companions and they give us so much joy in our lives, yet seldom ask us for much in return. So we need to keep in mind that they rely solely on us, to know when they could use a little extra help with their day to day life as they grow older. Here are a few helpful pet accessories that I came across that you might become useful one day for your senior pet.

My golden retriever has never really liked riding in our car or truck, and now that he’s almost 12 years old, I can see that jumping up into the car is becoming increasingly difficult for him. And since he weighs almost 70 pounds, there’s no way I’ll be able to lift him up into our vehicles, once jumping up is no longer an option for him. 

altSo I did a little research and came across this Ultralite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp that looks like it will be just perfect for him when jumping up into the car becomes too difficult.  Since I haven’t actually purchased one of these ramps yet, I have to rely on Customer Reviewers, who commented that it’s well priced, lightweight, sturdy and easy to handle. Some purchasers also commented that it may take a little bit of patience and training to teach your dog to get comfortable with walking on a ramp, but once they get the hang of it, apparently it’s a piece of cake for them to use.




altI first became aware of Joint Supplements years ago when our Equestrian Veterinarian prescribed them for one of our horses and the results were amazing. So when my dog’s Vet recommended similar supplements for my aging dog, it didn’t take much convincing for me to start him on a daily regimen using these Joint Care Supplements. So if your dog is becoming older or if he looks stiff when he walks, or seems to be much less active than before, of course you should consult your Veterinarian for advice first. But don’t be surprised your Vet recommends adding  some kind of Joint Care Supplements like these, with Glucosamine, Chondriotin Sulfate and MSM, to help support healthy hip and joint function. Some tablets can be problematic for your pet to take, but these tablets have been readily acceptable to my dog and he doesn’t seem to mind the way they taste when mixed in with his food.




altAs dogs age, their teeth and gums can become much more sensitive, so it’s important to select a chew toy that’s appropriate for them.  This Silver Tails Senior-Friendly Chew Toy is a great choice, because it’s bright blue and yellow color so it’s easily visible for pets who are battling vision loss, plus it can be soaked in water or frozen, to help reduce tender mouth discomfort.  And it’s available in 2 sizes and 3 different shapes, to accommodate almost any breed of dog.





altFor older dogs who have joint and gastric issues, an elevated feeder is a simple fix that can provide them with a lot of relief. And what’s nice about this Bergan Elevated Dog Feeder is that it’s well priced and has removable legs that allow it to be moved up or down. And it has two removable stainless steel bowls that make cleaning them an easy job. 


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