How to Alleviate Baby’s Constipation

How to Alleviate Baby’s ConstipationConstipation is a pretty typical issue for babies, but this uncomfortable condition can (and should!) be alleviated quickly. Read on to learn more about giving your child relief from constipation. 

Constipation Causes

When attempting to ease your child's constipation, it is important to understand the causes.The following may be the culprit for your kid's blockage:

  • Introduction to Solid Foods

If there is ever a time when constipation may strike in babies, it is when they are first introduced to solid foods. Solids are not digested as easily as formula or breast milk and may be tough on your baby's tummy as he adjust to his new diet during the first phase of weaning

  • Too Little Fiber

A diet low in fiber may play a part in your child's discomfort. However, be careful about how you introduce fiber into your baby's daily eats; toddlers don't digest fiber the way adults dotoo much may cause bloating, gas, or loose stools. 

  • Certain Foods

Consuming excessive dairy foods like yogurt, cheeses, and cow's milk can cause constipation. Bananas, applesauce, certain breads, pasta, and white potatoes can contribute, as well.

Constipation Relief 

When your baby is suffering from constipation, keep certain fruits in mind—specifically, try "P" fruits: pears, peaches and plums are super for battling blockage. Consuming fruit is a naturally healthy and nutritious way to help babies (and big kids, too!) to get things moving again. Preparing these "P" fruits is simple and takes little time; you can seed and puree these fruits raw or steam or bake them until they are tender and then puree. Fruit purees will freeze well so you can always have a stash on hand in the event that your baby suffers from constipation. All three of these fruits are suitable for babies between four and six months. Learn more about baking fruits here

Is it Really Constipation?

Please keep in mind that Baby may not be truly constipated simply because she strays from her regular poop schedule. You will know if your child is constipated if she experiences  hard stools and has a difficult time passing those stools. You will see a lot of struggling, grunting, and possibly signs of pain.

Disclaimer: Always consult your pediatrician about the appropriateness of any remedy to help alleviate constipation in your baby.



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