Elizabeth Banks Shares Her Keys To Motherhood


Elizabeth Banks says taking care of her son’s heart is a top priority.

The “Hunger Games” actress shares her mission in mothering her one year old son, Felix: “Taking care of their little hearts. What I love about this age is that Felix doesn’t know to say, ‘I need you to take care of being here.’ He doesn’t need a friend. He needs care of his heart and that is what’s most important.”

Elizabeth is, like all of us, still trying to find that balance: “I’m trying to [balance everything], too. As a working parent you got to have a good village and it takes a village. I have a running tally 24-7. If I’m not there I ask, ‘Where is he, who is he with, what is he doing, does he miss me?’ Once I know the answer to those questions I can go about my life. It’s just checking that list every day.”

She admits that she lives for her 20 minutes of peace each day: “I do really long showers. It is so important. I get all my thinking and all my relaxing [done] in my 20 minute shower.”

Elizabeth is going to be needing a whole lot of help with her balance as she prepares for three more Hunger Games movies! It was just announced this week that “Mockingjay” would be split into two films.

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