Favorite Celebrity “Mommy and Me” Activities

Favorite Celebrity “Mommy and Me” Activities

They may be famous celebrities, but when it comes to having fun with their kids, celebrity moms aren't any different from the rest of us. Take a look at what they do for fun with their little ones.

Above is Jennifer Garner, pushing Seraphina in the swing. It looks like they're both having a great time. I wonder what's got Seraphina's attention? For that moment, it wasn't her Mommy!

The thing about the park is that it may seem incredibly mundane, but kids LOVE it. And really, as long as they're having fun, that's the important thing, right. Especially if you have a park in your neighborhood, so it's just a quick walk for you, too.

Take a look at Violet enjoying the slide and swing below.

Favorite Celebrity “Mommy and Me” ActivitiesiFavorite Celebrity “Mommy and Me” Activities

Jessica Alba is another celebrity mom who enjoys the park. Look at her and Honor Marie just hanging out there. During this picture it looks like Jessica may have been a little too young to get on many of the playground equipment, but just being out with the other kids was probably a treat for Honor. Soon, Jessica will be scrambling to keep up with Honor running around on everything!

Favorite Celebrity “Mommy and Me” Activities

It looks like Victoria Beckham takes a more low-key approach to spending time with her boys. Here they're just hanging out. Being outdoors is enough for boys. I'm sure they found ways to keep themselves occupied! Maybe they were watching their father, David Beckham, play some soccer.

Favorite Celebrity “Mommy and Me” Activities

And if the outdoors aren't for you, then follow Katie Holmes example: she was spotted taking Suri to a children's art studio in Los Angeles. Drawing, painting, playing with clay: kids LOVE that. And you'll get some priceless pieces of art as souvenirs. What could beat that?

Favorite Celebrity “Mommy and Me” Activities

If you really want to have some fun with your kids, then playing dress-up is perfect. Brooke Shields didn't let daughter Rowan have all the fun last Halloween: instead she made it a mother-daughter event! Look at these two: I bet Rowan will recall that Halloween with a smile when she's an adult.

Favorite Celebrity “Mommy and Me” Activities

So, it's like I said at the beginning: they may be celebrities, but when it comes to having some quality "Mommy and Me" time, these famous moms do the same things you may do.


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