Which Celebs Are On The Baby Bump Watch?

Which Celebs Are On The Baby Bump Watch?

This is one of people's favorite celebrity pasttimes: watching pregnant celebrities.It's tricky, though. Anyone who's had the experience of asking a rotund woman "When are you due?" and having her give you a funny look/glare with the response, "I'm not pregnant," knows JUST how awkward it can be to make this guess.

Although Confessions of a Shopaholic star Isla Fisher has not officially confirmed her pregnancy, I feel pretty comfortable guessing that she's expecting her second child with Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen. If that's not a baby bump, then I don't know what is!

Gwen Stefani's rep recently shot down rumors that the singer was expecting. People were speculating because Gwen was rocking some billowy tops for a few days there. Oops. I wonder if anyone asked her about it to her face?

Which Celebs Are On The Baby Bump Watch?

Tiffani Thiessen has announced her pregnancy, but even if she hadn't, it would be pretty obvious. Tiffani hasn't announced if she's having a boy or girl, maybe to keep something private for herself and husband Brady Smith, or maybe they're looking forward to the surprise! Either way, I can't wait to see Tiffani's little one.

Singer Alicia Keys recently made headlines with the news that she and her boyfriend, the recently-divorced producer Swizz Beatz are engaged and expecting their first child together.

Which Celebs Are On The Baby Bump Watch?

Although rumors of a relationship have been raising eyebrows within the R&B community (Swizz has two children with his ex-wife), it looks like the couple genuinely fell in love and are ready to start a family together. Hopefully things will work out well for the couple, especially since a baby is coming into the picture. And Swizz should be a lot of help to Alicia since he's already been through the whole pregnancy/new baby routine!

Which Celebs Are On The Baby Bump Watch?

There are rumors Time Stands Still actress Alicia Silverstone may be pregnant, but there hasn't been an announcement on that. She talked about enjoying wearing a pregnancy suit for her character and told People magazine she was "destined to be a mother." Whether it happens sooner or later, it sounds like one thing is clear: Alicia WILL be a mom.

Pregnancy seems to be all the rage in Hollywood these days, so baby bump watch is here to stay.


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