DIY: Picture Hanging Trick

When you are preparing to hang photo frames or artwork on your walls and need to find the perfect placement easily without making several holes in the wall – you are going to love this tip. 

After reading this – you will never ever hang anything on your walls without using this simple DIY gadget.

To Make the Gadget

You will need a long piece of wood and a nail.   I made mine using 3 paint stirring sticks that I duct taped together.
1. Hammer the nail about 1-inch from the bottom of the taped together paint stirring sticks so that half of the nail is on one side and the tip is half way out the other side.  You want to make sure the nail is straight and snug in the wood.

To Use The Gadget

1.  Hook the nail head on hook or picture hanging wire on the back of the frame.

2.  Hold the top of the paint stick with the frame hanging from it and postion the frame on the wall where you want it.

3. Tap the upper portion of the frame. This will press the tip of the nail into the wall leaving a mark on the wall exactly where you need it.

4. Remove the gadget, hammer a nail into your marked hole, and hang your frame or artwork.

Perfect placement every time.

To hang larger items- I made a larger gadget using a 5 gallon paint bucket stirring stick I had.  It is the perfect thickness and length for hanging items that are bigger in scale.


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