Polka Dot Garland IISprucing up mundane fixtures for outdoor gatherings in the yard can be tricky. 

Adding this festive element to a ho-hum umbrella or shade can turn it into a fun place to gather under and chat.    Use it for a table decoration or drape on the back of chairs for even more cheerful effect.




Polka Dot Garland II

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine and supplies
  • Polyester transparent thread (not shown above)


Polka Dot Garland IIBeginning with the color you want as your main, cut 3" circles.  The don't have to be perfect.  I cut one and then used that one as my pattern piece for the rest.


Polka Dot Garland II
Cut your secondary color felt at a 2" circle.  Make sure you are happy with the ratio before you begin cutting the rest of the smaller circles. 


Polka Dot Garland II
Cut your desired amount of circles.  I wanted enough for 2 large market umbrellas.

Polka Dot Garland II
Take your transparent thread and load your bobbin too.  It works just the same as regular thread and actually feels like a light gauge fishing line. 

Polka Dot Garland II
Depending on how you will be attaching them, you may need some extra thread pulled before you begin stitching.


Polka Dot Garland II

Polka Dot Garland IIBegin using a straight stitch.  Once you get to the end of the first circle combo, just keep stitching the second circle combo.  There will probably be a small gap in between each circle.  That is actually good so your circles can move and turn in the breeze.  I calculated I needed 16 circles sewn end-to-end to fit in each umbrella spoke.  Adjust your measurements to fit your needs.

Polka Dot Garland IISit back and enjoy the view!