Seedling Kits for Kids



The latest collection of DIY kits from Seedling provide all the inspiration, instruction and materials for kids to create their own toys. Perfect summer activities!

alt The kits and toys from Seedling are designed to kickstart the natural process of creativity in your child. They simply provide the materials, leaving it up to the child to supply the ideas. The quality of the materials they provide is surprisingly good, far better than the craft kits typically found in the big box stores.

A wide variety of projects are available, with prices ranging from $15-40. Here’s a quick look at a few of our favorites…

Build Your Own Kaleidoscope


Build and create your own optical prism with endless possibilities! Kit contains cardboard tubes, plastic mirror pieces, assorted beads, rhinestones, adhesive paper, foil confetti pieces, craft glue & instructions. Recommended for children age 4-10 years.

Available for $25.29 at

Design Your Own Superhero Cape



Create your own superhero character and design their signature cape. The sky’s the limit! Kit contains a plain superhero cape, craft glue & brush, eva sheets & stars, felt sheets & shapes, colored pencils, glitter glue, design page and tips for your design. Recommended for children age 4-7 years

Available for $38.99 at

Create Your Own Designer Doll



Make your own doll, ready for any adventure. Kit contains a cotton doll, embroidery thread, assorted fabrics, acrylic yarn, felt pieces, sewing needles & instructions. Recommended for children age 4-10 years.

Available for $24.63 at

Paint A Wooden People Family


Create a family out of wooden dolls! Kit contains a wooden doll family, colored pencils, felt pieces, fabric, craft glue and thread. Recommended for children age 4-10 years.

Available for $33.99 at

Visit Seedling’s website to view more great kits!

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