My Husband’s Cheating on Me—With His Cell Phone

138989074Chris and I have been happily married for 10 years. We're best friends. We love to hang out together. And we have a beautiful three-year-old son. But in the last year or so a sleek little number has come between us: His iPhone.

To be clear, there's no other woman. My grievance is all about the little device that lives in my husband's back pocket and soaks up his time and attention at all hours: first thing in the morning, on the subway, during breaks at work, and at night while we're watching TV. He even sneaks time with his iPhone in the bathroom.

This morning I watched him Tweet or text or e-mail while he walked down the street after dropping our son off at daycare. He was so involved with his phone that he passed right by the coffee shop we were meeting at before my doctor's appointment. 

It might sound ridiculous to be so worked up–enraged even–about a stupid phone, but I don't appreciate competing with a device for my husband's attention. Nothing annoys me more than having a conversation with him only to realize that his eyes have been glued to his Twitter feed the whole time and he has no idea what I just said. Or having the same discussion two days in a row because he completely missed our chat the first time around.

Chris knows that his unhealthy iPhone attachment annoys me, but when he hears that little ping signaling a new message he just can't help himself. He has to check it. It's almost like his iPhone is some kind of powerful, intoxicating drug–he just can't resist its seductive lure.

PUT YOUR F*CKING PHONE AWAY! I'll occasionally snap. And every time I do he's shocked by how upset I am. But, really, why is my dissatisfaction so surprising? I make a snarky comment every time he pulls his phone out of his pocket. I'm tempted to hide the thing…

Is your husband hooked on his iPhone? How do you deal?